Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tasty Nostalgia

Hah, just had a look back at my page from The Sims 1. I had completely forgotten how much I made! Lots, sims, and stories galore. I even had a pirate sim! Looks like I've been a pirate freak for longer than I thought. YARRGHH! xD

I really enjoyed looking back at all that. There was a time when I was like "OMG!!! My sim got 100 downloads!!" xP I've come so far, as I'm sure we all have!!


  1. Aww wows, I never knew about CC and things when I had Sims 1. All my Sims looked like massive pieces of shit wandering around... >_<

  2. ^^^ ditto. No idea about CC or the sims websites until TS3 - feel so outta the loop >_<
    Those simmies and stuffs are cool, though :) Do i spy Lara Croft...? X

  3. Well the graphics definitely didn't help the "piece of shit" factor, Fury, even with CC. I still find it so bizarre that their entire head was just one choice back then. O.o

    Yus, Random, that's Lara! I even had a Moogle from FF as a sim at one point. Scared the living Christ out of me every time it would appear in game... xP

  4. Ok... i have no idea what a Moogle is, Lol!
    but going on whats coming up on google images, it looks very weird o_O

  5. Wait... You could get CC for the Sims 1??? o-0 I never found out about CC until the Sims 3 and I started talking to all you other weirdos! XD