Monday, June 28, 2010

TS3 Forum Thrown Into Chaos

These are just a couple of the countless spam threads posted by the new TS3 forum troll nvmplz. And where are the Mods to take care of the situation? MIA for a good half hour before anything is done about it.

HOWEVER, they seem to have no problem banning the helpful simmers of the community including FuryRed, myself, VidKid, claymeganpruitt, and the recently perma'd Simsy. I don't think I've ever been involved in anything more corrupt than that awful, awful website. I find myself hesitant to post anything for fear of being banned. It disgusts me: shotty forums that don't work half the time, trolls rampaging, nonchalant Gurus, worthwhile posts being deleted for no reason, and innocent people falling victim to the banhammer.

Vidkid spoke wisely a while back when she said to voice our complaints not on the TS3 website, but to outside sources like gaming websites and magazines. I'm all for it. Join me if you want to make an effort to stop this nonsense.


  1. Sometimes I think one person is watching that Forum...or maybe one really bi-polar macadamia nut. o_O

    I got banned a few months ago for using the word "hack". No joke. I managed to get an apology from an EA rep and he claimed that it was an "overreaction", and that it would be noted on my account (for whatever the hell THAT'S even worth).

    I NEVER feel completely comfortable posting over there anymore. I never had that fear on the TS2 site. I've made so many posts about that on the Forum...Hydra actually responded to a couple of them (that's when she posted that "helpful" sticky thread asking us all to discuss our grievances with the Forum).

    At the end of the day they still don't give a shit obviously. The Forum is an advertising vehicle at BEST. Look how many of us made an exodus from that hellhole and started our own blogs? No nevermind to the them -- nothing has even changed. o_O

    Ugh...don't even get me started...ridiculous.

  2. Ah-ha ah-ha, I know exactly what you mean. Ever since my ban I found myself afraid of posting anything on the forums, even just normal everyday things, for fear of getting banned. It's ridiculous that they've reduced us to this; shitty mod bastards. Although since I got all comfy in my blog I really couldn't give two fucks if they ban me. There's still fun to be had on the forums, it's out there somewhere, it's just unfortunate that it's ruined by a shower of bastards. I've pretty much accepted that the Gurus aren't going to do a damn thing about it.

    Apologies for the WALL OF TEXT!

  3. Okay, the wall wasn't as big as in the preview...

  4. Its Rockersimgirl i am sick of ALL the dam trolls on the TS3 site >.> that should have been baned a long time ago... and the innocent people are getting banned for no reason the gurus should be banning the trolls not finding reasons banning other people because they said something like hack
    and the gurus should be also looking at the pattern exchange because theres naked woman and very HATE full thing there i need eye bleach after looking in there ewww
    Sorry meh big wall of text >.>