Monday, September 6, 2010

Yo Ho Ho, and a Dino's Life for Meh.

Hai, my simmie beauts! I have a couple small updates for you on this fine dae (or I guess ebening).

The first one might be a slight controversy starter, but I'm seriously hoping not. I made mehself a little Facebook page dealy-o for you simmie beans to Like if you feel like doing so. In the process also came this cute little knock-off of the Facebook "Like" icon, churned out from my maniacal and strange dino brain. This is also an indicator that I indeed have Photoshop back for the time being! Heyuls yuh for trial versions of things. And just so we're clear on the whole Facebook ordeal, this is not me making an attempt to find out your true identities and stalk you until I can get locks of your hair to glue to my wall. I just would like to branch out a teense, nothing else. =] If you feel like throwing a like my way, click huuurrr.

As far as my whole game fiasco goes, it's on it's slow way to recovery. It's been a long and treacherous road thus far (not to mention the sadness of missing my sweet lil' simbonis!!), but I absolutely refuse to give up until it's been fixed!! That's just not teh way of teh dino pirate. I also wanted to take a second to thank all of you that have been offering up your knowledge and advice to help me out, it means SO much!! I seriously don't know what I'd do without you.

In slightly steamier news, I came across a couple pictures from when my game was working that I had surprisingly not shared yet. They're of Aydin, my absolute babecake of a sim. I don't really even see reason to call him by his name, he's just called "Hunky". These couple pictures are from his trip to Al Simhara, and trust me, the heat was coming from him that day.

Mmmmmm =] ♥


  1. mmmmmmmm >.< i want i game and real life

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  3. Omg, yanno i did this a few days ago aswell XD but using actual account, not one of those "Like Pages" ... whatever they're called, Lol! but stoopid Facebook wont let me have "Random" as meh first name >=[

    Love the simmie as well - he is hawt ;)

    (ignore the deleted post - Random had a major fail moment >_<)

  4. I would stalk you . . . but I'm not really hungry for dinosaur today. ;)