Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Stuffs!!!

Hey Simmies!!!

You may have noticed the new title image, I think it's quite spiffy and a lot more, uhm..."Lair-ish" than my old one.

Alright, updates time!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic set of holiday-type things, and I'd love to hear about anything exciting you did, in or out of the Sim World! :) As for myself, I woke up Christmas morning to find a sparkly new copy of Late Night with my name on it (!). I had it up and running before lunch even started, and I have to say, I'm very happy with it!! No glitches so far from what I can tell, other than a minor issue with the new sliders and the UI CASBasics mod. It was a simple fix, though, I just kicked that Mod's butt right out of my Packages folder. :D

Remember Hunky from a few posts ago? He's now a five-star-celebrity-rocker-ninja, and twice as dreamy with his new makeover. He's currently in a relationship (boooo) with a pretty bartender (or I guess mixologist is the rating-appropriate term) named Luna. Here's a picture of them together in his free hot tub, gifted to him because of his off-the-chart awesome levels. Aww. More pics coming soon, clicky-click for a larger image!

Speaking of relationships, I'm quite sure The Sims 3 and my Mac hate each other, because they just don't work out when they're together. :( There's a ray of hope still, however! I plan to run Windows as a secondary operating system on my Mac, and all should be well! I have almost all of the necessary tools to put my plan into action, I just need to cough up about 30 bucks for a program called Parallels, which is what makes time travel possible. Erm, I mean, running Windows. *Facepalm*

I head back to CollegeLand on Sunday, so my biggest issue at this point is time. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure I'm bringing a fully functional copy of my Sims 3 game, just as it is on my PC, back with me.

Love you guys!!!

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