Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Is In The Air...WTF??

Ah yes, it's that time of year...couples everywhere...chalk-flavored heart candies...supermarkets overflowing with roses and slowly turning into a dating site...



Alright, let's start from the beginning. Here's a comment left on my page by a user named humor4321 (I caution you when going to his page, it'll fry your retinas like bacon). No big deal, just some very nice and flattering compliments about mah dino self.

I went ahead and replied to this good sir, his referral to himself as "Rex" piquing my interest.

Just your basic, run-of-the-mill dino-like courtesy, right? I mean, I talk to all of you guys this way, with an abundance of smileys and hearts and pretty much joy all around. Nothing that suggests anything, I don't think.

Well, here's his reply:

Errrrrmmmmmm, where was the loss of communication here?? Did I...did I miss something? Or is he kidding, hence is screen name, humor4321? Because I have to say, 'tis quite comical. I will admit, LOLed. I might go as far to say I nearly boarded the ROFLcopter and took a trip to LMAOland.

Maybe it's harmless. Maybe his intentions are directed at my simmeh self, coming from his own simmeh self. Or, perhaps, his actual self likes MY actual self, and he dreams of having a fantastical prehistoric wedding where my dress is made from tinier dinosaurs sewn to one another, much like Madame Gaga's meat dress.

Perhaps he plans to hunt me down, break into my room, steal my socks and make voodoo dolls out of them for his bizarre rituals involving a stump and a plethora of Sharpies. He does live in the same state, apparently...

Ahem...well, on that note, I think I'll just go ahead and buy...uhm. Locks. YES. LOCKS. LOTS AND LOTS OF LOCKS. A SHIZZTON OF LOCKS.


  1. LOL xD That guy's a bit of a creepy creeper...

  2. Oh wow that's...incredibly stalkerish...O_O Buy lots and lots of Dino-enforced locks Rexy!


    I really hope it was a joke, because that's actually quite unnerving!

    I'm concered for your safety!

    *Sending good energies*

  4. Shizzsticks!

    *claws at eyes*

    Awh jeez I so shouldnt have looked on his page..

    Owwwww :(

  5. Britney Spears is out to get you! I was listening to Born to Make you Happy while reading this, more specificly this line: "I dont know how to live without your love, I was born to make you happy". One thought popped into my head: Rex and Rexy sitting in a tree...:P
    But look at his new comment, isn't it sweet? :3


    ^ Bahahaha! Did you see the new comment on your page?(:
    Good luck. xD ;]

  7. holy frickin... if he does try to break into ur house you wanna borow my machine gun? lol