Monday, June 13, 2011

Talented Editors Come Out on Top in 'SMS Set 3!!!

The 'SMS Set 3 results are here, and despite dozens of beautiful and amazing entries, Jillie and I were finally able to make a decision on the winners!

A big congratulations to StevieFischer (Evie) and simsolated for your elegant editing transformations!

simsolated is the first person in 'Shop Me Stunning history to win first place two times! And for good reason. He brings a distinctive theme to all of his edits, winning first for a devilishly dark mistress in Set 1, and now a gorgeous elf princess in Set 3. The photo has a magical, enchanted feel to it with beautiful attention to detail. Congrats on your second win, and we can't wait to see more from you!!

StevieFischer, better known as Evie, has become a dynamic editor in the Sims 3 modeling Community. Her hair drawing is precise and beautiful, and that's exactly what she brought to her entry for Set 3. Those gorgeous burgundy locks are really beautiful, and the delicate jewelry really adds to the princess vibe. It was such a clever move to slightly blur the background, making the model the true focus of the photo while still showing beautiful and peaceful scenery. Congrats, Evie!

And here are the other awesome editors who placed this round:

- Non-Hair Editing-

2nd Place: rubyandnora97

3rd Place: ashpie88

- Hair Editing -

2nd Place: twilight714

3rd Place: Simluver1098

Congrats to all six of you! Everyone did a really fantastic job this past round. Check out and possibly even participate in Set 4: Mysterious, where the only requirement is to base your edit off of the word "Mystery." Screenshots generously contributed by crg1999!

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