Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rexy's Favorite Things: Pastel Nail Polish

Well hai there, wonderful simmers! It's been much too long since I've last updated, icky ick. However, I think this post will prove to be worthwhile. I'm starting a new feature called "Rexy's Favorite Things" that mixes things I love in real life with TS3. This one's guessed it...pastel nail polishes! Aren't you smart for figuring that out? *Hands sandwich*

I'm SUCH a sucker for nail polishes in pale colors. I've got a little collection going, and I love each color so much I wanted to share them with you! Not only that, I've provided the color codes so you can duplicate the polishes in-game! All you have to do is click the "Color Numbers" button at the bottom of the Create-A-Style window in CAS and type the code into the "Hex" box. For the demo shots I'm using Aikea Guinea's Short Nails. The link given by MS3B no longer works unfortunately, but you can get it by clicking this. All polishes are modeled by my simmie Lynx (Mediafire version here). I know the nail polish bottles don't really look like they do in a magazine or something, but that's because I took pictures of them myself. :)

This is the one that started it all. I'd seen some girls in a couple of my classes who had this pretty, sort of seafoam green nail polish, and I really wanted some. I ended up finding this one by Revlon. It's so so pretty.

This is the second pastel I bought, and it very well may be my favorite. I love the name, I love the shade of blue, and I love how similar it is to Minted, even though it's powdery blue.

I'm actually wearing this one as I type! Definitely the most unique out of all my polishes. I had quite the time finding the perfect shade of yellow, but this one definitely does the trick. It's not brightly obnoxious like most yellows tend to be.

This is my newest pastel that I haven't had the chance to try on just yet. It's really elegant and delicate, and just the right kind of purple.

All of my pastels are flat polishes, i.e., there's no sparkly junk (I can't stand it). I'll let you in on a little Rexy secret when it comes to light colored nail polishes: They'll be much much brighter if you put a coat of white polish on your nails and let it dry first! It makes a huuuggee difference, especially with the yellow one.

...So do you ladies and gents enjoy pastel nail polishes (if you're a gent, it's quite alright to say no! Unless you're really into that sort of thing...hehehe)? Also, do you like this whole "Rexy's Faves" fandango, and should I keep doing it?


  1. no I dont like pastle nail polish or even know what it means lmao and I like the rexys fav : ]

  2. you my dear, if you don't have it, need crackle. i totally think it's something you'd love if you don't already have it. it's the coolest shit ever. for those who think i'm psycho, it's this top coat of nailpolish that when you put it on, it cracks, and leaves you with something like this:


    and it is jus the coolest thing in the world.
    yea, i'm a loser. but it looks so wicked with my friends :)

  3. Lol! I love your colors! I also share a love for light/pastel nail polish. My favorites are a green one that actually looks exactly like yours and one that's sort of nude colored :D Whenever I got to a nail salon I bring my polish and the ladies are always asking about the light colors :P

    I like the Rexy's Favorite things idea :) It'll definitely keep me coming back to your blog ;)

  4. I love all sorts of nail polish. And I have to agree with Jacob about the crackles. They are really fun to do. Make sure after you paint your nails the base color to put a top coat on top then when it is completely dry(and that is very important with crackles for the polish under it to be dry) paint the crackle over that with another top coat or two after the crackle dries to seal it all in and give it a nice gloss. Right now I have leaf green nail polish with light/med pink crackle over that.

    Sorry I really love nail polish.

    But I think your idea of Rexy's favorites is a neat one and that you should keep it up.

  5. Lovely! I have the first one, as well as pink (Lilac Pastelle) and purple (Gum Drop) pastel polishes by Revlon. My favourite of theirs though is Tropical Teal. It reminds me of a mermaid tail, although it's not avaliable anymore, so I only bring it out every now and then :3

  6. @Puggy: Pastel means lightly colored (think Easter)

    @Jake: I've totally seen that crackle polish before, and I'm just DYING to get some. It's just so unique! Thanks so much for suggesting it either way :)

    @Mystic: YAY a fellow pastel polish lover! They're seriously just so wonderful, delicate almost. Thanks for the feedback love!! <3

    @cupcake: You deffs know your way around polishes!! Thanks so so much for the pointers on crackle, I've never used it before so I'm a total noob. I'll keep all your pointers in mind for when I try it the first time, and the polish you're wearing now sounds just beautiful. :D

    @Harlee: Ah you have minted??? Isn't it wonderful?! I looked up the Tropical Teal, and I have to completely agree with you: It definitely reminds me of a mermaid tail! It's such a pretty color, it's a shame they don't have it all the time.

  7. I do! I looove it! About Tropical Teal, it really is a shame. Ocean Breeze by Revlon, one of the scented summer polishes, looked kind of similar in the bottle, but I haven't tried it. Looking it up, it looks a bit more blue-ish, but I'll probably buy it eventually (or you could buy it! We could formulate a nail polish smuggling industry and trade all the lovely colours!)

  8. Oh I only have 1 bottle of crackle but I got a great color for it. I got white. It works so well with my nail polish colors which are: (This one looks like I have no nail polish. It's just a skin colored polish)
    and a clear coat :D

  9. Addition:
    I have very pale skin so pastels don't work on me D;