Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Antiques: Portal-Style

Hai guys!

So last week I posted one of my digital art projects from this past semester that featured my eye with a mechanical aperture slowly opening. My final art project also has to do with apertures...but more specifically, Aperture Laboratories from the Portal games!

I went to an antique store with my camera and took photos of a bunch of different old-school objects. Then I chose three: an iron, a kerosene stove, and a briefcase typewriter, and Photoshopped them so half looks futuristic and Portal-esque.

(You can click for full size)

The numbers are all personally significant: 81 is my favorite number, 07-01 (July 1st) is my birthday, and for those of you who are Back to the Future fans, you might recognize the last number - 1.21 gigawatts!! The small words under each number are highly scientific names for each object:

Iron: Plane-Leveling Device
Stove: Proximity Heating Mechanism
Typewriter: Alphanumeric Transcriber

This is the first time I've ever heavily edited real-life photos, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how they came out! Planning on heading to the antique shop again and doing more of these...it was so much fun.


  1. these are all so good! but my favorite is the typewriter <3

    1. Aw thanks kittee! That's the one that took me the longest too haha :)

  2. These are soo awesome Rexy. Love the Back to the Future reference <3

    Very cool!

    1. Thanks LE!! It means a lot :3 I thought it would make sense with the theme of the photos (the whole past/future thing, ya know) <3