Thursday, July 5, 2012

Evening Excellence: 'SMS Set 11: The Dead of Night Winners

I'm really loving the ideas competitors have been coming up with for these Sets with more open guidelines, so I think I'll keep it that way for a while! The theme diversity in all the entries for Set 11 really blew me away.

The search continues for a new second judge for the competition, so once again, if you're interested, please fill out this application and email it to me. For now though, I'm accepting volunteers as guest judges, so if you're interested in that either email me about it or post on the thread.

I give you the Set 11 Winners:

SassyDana embodied the scary side of nighttime with her awesome haunted forest photo. She really pulled me in with the striking mood created by all the dark colors, paired with Snow's bright white eyes. She did a really nice job with her editing and showed that she has some definite skill!

Simanims managed to nab herself her fifth win in 'SMS history for her incredible Avengers-inspired entry!! I think that other editors should really take note of all of her work because she balances out her amazing editing skills with creative ideas, which is exactly what 'SMS is all about.

And here are the other competitors who placed this round:

- Non-Hair Editing -

2nd Place: Kitteh1324

3rd Place: horsesrox76

4th Place: loopyloo01

- Hair Editing -

2nd Place: alverna

3rd Place: CreatureFearSims

4th Place: CookieDough987

5th Place: Anita7777777

Honorable Mention: JewelsRule

HonorableMention: KittyKat6369

'SMS Set 12: Heated Romance is now up on the front page, with screenshots generously contributed by CreatureFearSims, also known as Evie!! Take note of a couple new features this round:

- The screenshots are already cut out for you, so you can skip that step of your edit!

- The hair in the NHE category has been beautifully drawn in by Evie, instead of having in-game hair.

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