Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cutthroat Champions - 'SMS Set 13: Swordplay Winners

Competitors transformed my model Lotus DarkWind into a fierce, sword-weilding warrior for this round of 'SMS. A big thank you to Krussidulle for being my guest judge this round and placing all the photos in the Hair Editing category. She's currently competing alongside myself in Inspiration, Cycle 3.

Also, come check out the brand new look of the 'SMS front page! More sleek, more modern, more edgy! Nothing beats a simple but stylish layout :)

Here's our Set 13 winners:

Kaliko103, who we actually haven't seen around 'SMS in quite a while, nabbed a spot in first place in the NHE category. Her mystical theme and sense of movement in the photo made it stand out from the others, and the care and time she spent on the background made the entire photo just beautiful. Nice work Kali!

Out of nowhere came this incredible entry from a brand new competitor, Clle1P (also known as Celle). She was the first competitor ever to paint every addition from scratch, including the background. By placing the sword in the background instead of her hand and using a rose in its place, Celle added depth of meaning to her photo that really seemed to tell a story. Congrats Celle!

Can't forget to mention our other awesome Set 13 competitors!

- Non-Hair Editing -

2nd Place: SassyDana

3rd Place: BanSmiley

4th Place: ashleyadorable

5th Place: LadyEmillye

6th Place: aa13s10

7th Place: SLAHP4

- Hair Editing -

2nd Place: CookieDough987

3rd Place: Simanims

4th Place TIE: CashingTheFame & StrawberryCayke

5th Place: JewelsRule

6th Place: EmmyBird

7th Place TIE: Emogirl95 & bluebunnirabitt

8th Place: loopyloo01

9th Place: SLAHP4

Set 14: Pinned Perfection is now up on the front page with screenshots by the awesome JewelsRule! Create a gorgeous, curvaceous 50s pin-up photo. You know you want to!!