Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rexy's Relations With Fury

Yes, I'm quite aware that the title of this post is incredibly suggestive, and most likely I actually meant it that way. Fury's just a liitttllle bit too fiery to ignore, if yah know what ah meaannnzzz.

I dropped in for a visit over at FuryRed Says, and came across, to my utter delight, a new episode of The Awesome Adventures of Fury and the Doctor. And who else do I see saving the crazy couple's life other than...ME!!! I must have been whacked out on Dino Treats, since I don't seem to recall doing any of that. But hey, there's photographic evidence.

Give it a read, or better yet, a nom. It's tasty stuff.

In other Fury-related news, it seems that her wonderfully creative Stanford Prison Experiment has been lost to the dark abyss of TS3 glitches. Poor Little Red! Either she was also lost to the abyss, or she found a way to escape and is living in a tree behind someone's house somewhere. We'll never be sure...

Own your own mindless clone copy of Red at teh rawr. RAWR!!


  1. You know... Little Red has indeed survived in some form- she's currently living in my new legacy neighbourhood, so she'll be involved in repopulating the town XD

    I'll try and send my Sims round to visit her at some point :)

    P.s.- you're also in my legacy town, and you're already shacked up and having a baby with this dude ;)

  2. Rexeh, you player. ;D How can you photoshoppe Sims if you keep popping out bebbes with random men?

  3. aah. those dino treats aren't as strong as gorgon-nip. trust me, i have been getting told about all crap that i cant remember. not fun

  4. OH! and where did Red's hood comefrom?

  5. Mod the Sims, methinks. And if it's not that, then you can eat Rexy's babies c/o me. Because I'm generous like that.

  6. Yay, INTERCOURSE! xD Now I can't get this song out of my head:

    xD I still need to get around to reading Fury's Blog. I'm following it, but yea. I'm lazy xD

    ROTFLOL so I go to post this, and it gives me that stupid code shit, and bam! it looked like intercourse xD