Monday, August 2, 2010

Rexy Wants. Rexy Wants BAD.

As some of you lovelies may know, I am a drum playing dino. You all may have also noticed that I've been somewhat scarcer around the simoshpere lately and that's because I want to make my college's drumline like a fat person wants to fit into their pants.

I actually don't recall a time when I've wanted something more than this. I've been working like mad on the music, and I have to say, it's not easy (especially with tiny dino arms).

The actual camp is coming up this weekend, so I'm kicking up my practice to 5 hours a day at the minimum. Needless to say, I won't be around to chat with you simmies for a little while. Don't fret! I'll be back after this weekend and give an update on how the camp went.

The worst part about this? The audition doesn't start until probably the week after next, so I won't be sure I if made it or not until then. D:

So if all you lovely simmies could maybe...offer up some encouragement and self-esteem boosties, I think it'll help give me the courage I need for this weekend!!

I love you all like something...that loves something else a lot!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I play drums too, have for like *counts with fingers* 5 years or something. My parents still haven't bought me a proper kit yet because of the noise, damn them D: I have to stick with a practice pad and I have a snare drum, which makes noise so I don't know why my parents won't let me get the whole thing. Oh well :P

  2. Good luck Rexy!! Are you seriously going to get Rexy on the side? xD I'm in the school band, I'm quitting Sophmore year because my sister is making me do Marching Band because it'll be her last year of high school so she's going to torment me. :P We also have planned that we're going to do some dance thing xD I absolutely hate percussion, but muh parents won't let me take trumpet lessons to get caught up with everyone else by now D: So, I'm stuck with them :P We used to have a drum set, for muh sister who took lessons (I took guitar for 2 years. I couldn't play one now :P But I can play the intro to Meteor Shower on piano :D ) and then we gave it to my parents friends son who is like 5 :D I'm just happy muh sister has band camp next week, but at the same time I hate it because that is literally 4 days of being home without ANYONE besides my lizard, her hamster that I have to take care of, my rabbit and dogs :P Greaat. But yea. I ramble too much xD Good luck Rexy!

  3. Holy Jesus. I wrote a lot thar. xD I'm finking I need to go fors a run. I haven't really ran since track ended in May D:

  4. Good luck Rexy! I play string bass, which is a pain to carry around might I add. It's bigger than me. Luckily there's so few of us it's not hard to be good. Hope you rock.

  5. ;) I didn't join band, I went for choir, then AP choir (I was too good XD). But I've used a pratice pad a few times before for drumming, and supposedly I'm good. *cough cough* ;) I used to play the piano, but all I remember now are 'Jingle Bells' and the Winnie the Pooh theme song. O_O
    Maybe I'll compose a song about dinosaurs. :)

  6. *practice

    Sorreh, I don't usually do that. ;)

  7. Good luck Rexy ^_^ I play...oh wait I don't play anything :( But Rexy yar the greatestestestA!

  8. Best of luck Rexy!!! My stepfather is a drummer too (going on 50 years now I guess), and the majority of my friends in high school were in band (I was in drill).

    Looking very forward to hearing about camp -- take care and have fun too!