Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mac N' Cheezes

I'd like to introduce you lovelies to my shiny new 15" 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro! Looks good enough to nom in about two and a quarter bites, if I do say so myself. ;] I have the wonderful feeling that my Maccy Poo is going to help me make great strides in the editing and gameplay department. My dear old Dell was starting to get to the end of its wits trying to deal with a custom content whore such as myself. Damn My Sims 3 Blog is like a crack house. O.O

As happy as I am with it, I'm absolutely dreading transferring TS3 over to it without making any mistakes or losing any content. From what I hear, it's not too bad, but my transferring methods are limited to a 2 GB Flash drive and Bluetooth, neither of which are desirable for this sort of task. I don't know what I'd do if I lost poor Lynxy, or Little Red. Or...God pirate ship. I think I'd have an overly dramatic fake heart attack if that happened.

Oh, and drumline update: Camp went well, there are just an overwhelmingly large number of people trying out for snare. I'll know by this weekend, auditions are most likely Sunday (this is where the "Cheezes" part of the title comes in. There's honestly a drum rudiment called a "Cheese". Seriously. Seriously.).

Unfortunately, my scarceness around the TS3 hemisphere is going to continue for a little while as I move up for school and get settled in. No fear simmies, I'll never leave for good! You can always count on Rexeh to be around to nom and stomp on things and rawr and...nom summor...


  1. Oooh does the screen light up?

  2. Yus mam, it's pretty sweet! I could still type in a cave. Which is where I live anyways. ;]

  3. gah. i just want a flipping desktop >.< My dad was like, oh no, you'll like a laptop better so SUFFERRRRRR *insert metamorphis into dragon*

    Very cuute laptop :D Just be careful with CC Hair, it's been known not to appear on Macs D:

    Teehee, after college, try for Phantom xD they are jesus :P My sister got trained by them to be a drum major for high school alone :P OMG
    She's coming back today :D I missed her surprisingly. Bad part? Her hamster died. I have to tell her. D: So we're getting her teh guinea pig she always wanted.

  4. -_- I'm fine with my Asus, though it can be a mean dino sometimes. I don't really want a Mac, though.

    Oh, and crack is good.


  5. Macs are just fabulous aren't they? I lubs my mac desktop *kisses screen* XD.