Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rexeh Is Sad.

Why? Why is Rexeh sad?

Because she's having issues transferring her game over to her new Mac.

I seriously can't figure out why it won't work. The game runs fine, but as soon as I try to move my custom content folder in, the game just won't start up. I dun'ts kno wut I wil dew if ah can't plays wif meh simmies!!! *Sad dino face*

If anyone has any ideas about what I could do to fix these shenanigans, please let me know and I'll let you go on a dino-treat-drug-trip-journey with me. Sound gud??

In other news, I'm officially done with crazy-ass long week band camp, and my first college class is tomorrow. I've been meeting some really great people and I can tell that this year's going to be a blast!

If only I could throw my sims game into that mix right now... *Sigh*...


  1. Thar be a lil extract from this thingy-ma-bob that might help...?

    "Getting CC to work for Macs isn't as easy, but its still fairly do able. You still need to get to your root folder, but its harder for Mac'ers to find. This is what you need to do. Go to your Sims 3 icon, this can be found in your Applications folder. If you placed it somewhere else, go look for it. Then, right click *or control+click* on the app, and select Show Package Content. Now, you're going to want to follow this path:
    • Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3

    Once you are there, right click, and create a new folder called Mods. Once you do that, open up your Mods folder, right click, and create a new folder called Packages."

    Hopefully it helps :) Having no CC is boo-hoo-boring. XXX

  2. Wouldn't be cause you're not up-to-date with the EA patches, would it? Cause I had to switch computers and didn't patch, so one of my mods wasn't working right and kept crashing my game. Even if the patches are a load of crap...

  3. -Some CC just doesn't work that well with your mac that worked with your PC.(One or two of the kittehbomb makeup things wouldn't let my game work)

    -Check mods to make sure they/you are up to date

    -Avoid patching when you can

    -Do all that other stuff you would do on a pc

    -You can still put the cc in the documents area if you want (it'll run a bit quicker)

    -Mac framework installer

    - Once you get CC working don't be alarmed by starting it up with bald sims that had CC hair or see through parts of clothes, just restart your game, if you were running in a smaller screen make it bigger (and visa versa)

    Thats all the mac help I can give XD If I remember more I'll post. It's rather frustrating so good luck :)

  4. Sowwy Rexx, I don't know shizzle about Macs so all I can say is . . .


    (And guess what I figgered out last night? Skin smoothings!)