Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Teh Rexeh Said: "Let There Be Scene!!!"


I just checked the download count for this (which, by the way, is just one of the EA-made sims because I really can't recreate SceneMe in game), and it's the TOP DOWNLOADED sim for the day. It got 700 downloads in 18 hours. Oh my!!!!! O.O I put in the description NOT to download it, so I guess it just goes to show that no one really reads the descriptions. I think, since I got such a large response to this, I might just go ahead and upload a true version with as similar of a hair as I can find (which is going to be a pain in the rear). Do you guys think I should?

Hey simmies!!! I apologize for such small updates, but I was super excited about this one. Due to my uncontrollable ADD, I've made a new avi, and it's about as scenerific as they come! I'm so happy with this, hopefully it'll be able to tide me over for the next...oh...five minutes or so.


  1. Sorry, im here for the 1st time and where did you get the hairs ? (Im sorry for my english coz im from Poland)

  2. you shoud uplod her

  3. LOL that just goes to show what a kick-butt creator you are Rexy dude! xD I delete avatar-sims as soon as I upload them & switch avi's, but even if I left them up I wouldn't get CLOSE to that many downloads in such a short amount of time! This new avi of yours is mahhhvelous dahling ;) rawr!

  4. @Missking: Don't worry! I'm actually of Polish decent. :) The hair was drawn on using Photoshop, it's not real. I'm sorry!!

    @Anonymous: I definitely will! Thanks for the input.

    @Cel: Awh, you're to sweet! I'm glad you like it, it turned out quite nicely! I just wish people would read the descrip...sigh...