Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Is The Rum Gone???

Just kidding. What do you think I am, an alcoholic dino or something? *Chugs prehistoric booze*

Nono, the title is a tribute to my latest piccy, completely inspired by the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I even watched it before I started to get pumped about doing the assignment.

I'm quite content with the way it turned out, and it's got me thinking of a couple of new tutorials for my guide...*winkity wink* This is, by far, the most heavily edited picture I've ever done. I created the background basically from scratch, using all in-game objects excluding the coins, which I made with Photoshop and placed individually. I came up with a new hair drawing technique, used here, and I think I'm gonna stick with it. This was also the first time I really drew clothes on, her white shirt and red sash are completely 'shopped.

So my question to you lovelies: Should I change my blog's banner to this picture, instead of the one I have right now? I would, of course, add in the text and everything. Leave me your opinion as a comment (cause anyone can comment now, even without a blogger account! Woot!).

A note on this whole Generations fiasco:

I guess it's quite apparent that Generations is going to be the next EP (seeing as how EA leaked the title on the TS3 website temporarily), but I still find myself hoping that it's not. I can't say that it sounds that appealing to me at this point. Pranks, tree houses, and midlife crises? Sure, cool features to have, but what of the major aspects of the game? I don't know, a family based EP just sounds...blah. Generic, maybe.
I can totally understand the Generations excitement for those who are big on legacies, but I would personally love to see an EP with some real spark. I'm not one who tries to make The Sims 3 as realistic as possible. I mean, I've got human-lynx hybrids running amok, for cripe's sake. I guess I just...want an EP that's a real stunner, something to take the game to some fantastical level we haven't seen before.
So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to seeing what Generations can bring to the table, or do you have similar feelings to mine? Feel free to comment/CBox on the issue.

Rexy Out!!!


  1. Ahh! I wondered if you'd made the coins or not. It's one of my absolute favorite pictures of yours! The attention to detail is astonishing and it has this great dark, dank cave feel to it (I saw the pic you started with -- INSANE).

    Rawr! Excellent Rexy!! **noogie**

  2. You leave my Generations EP alone! If it is the family EP, then that's what I asked for!!

    We need more basic animations and activities, the game is lacking soooo much depth they need to fix the basic interactions between sims before adding anything fantastical imo

  3. Sims 3 pets has been confirmed as the 5th expansion pack, coming out October 2011!!! It's not long after Generations, and there is a video and it looks awesome, I might actually buy it :)

  4. Like Silver said, Sims 3 Pets has been comfired :) Its actually called Sims 3 Unleashed P: EA does listen to us! :D

  5. YEEEEEEEEEEEES!! It'd be awesome but you'd HAVE to change the hair to blue-black! Yanno, epicness and all that jazz...

  6. you shoud make it this pic

  7. Hello rexy i'm ilovesims56!
    I saw the clothes you draw and they are looking AWESOME! i was guessing if you could help me or tell me how to draw clothes, cause i've seen a lot of tutorials but they are too complicated, and i love the way you do clothes, so could you tutor me? i mean, if you can :)