Sunday, March 20, 2011

Being Productive On Spring Break? WTH???

That's right sirs and madams, Rexeh is back home from teh salt mines and on Spraannng Break! Wooooo! XO

My first thought when realizing I wouldn't have any schoolwork for ten days went something like this: "OHmaigoshIhaveSOmuchtimetoworkonthatbiglistofthingsforTheSims! SIMSIMSIMSIMSIMSIMSIMSIMS!"

I've already set one of those things on my list into motion, a brand new editing competition called 'Shop Me Stunning, the likes of which have never been seen before on the TS3 forums! It's perfect if you're looking to get a little practice with/recognition for your editing. Here's the banner, clickity click here if you're interested!

SMS is just scratching the surface of my Sims To Do List for this break. Remember how I mentioned something about launching a new blog? That will most likely happen this week, as well as...well...some of you may recall a certain project I had to put on hold...

...So yeah. That's getting all finished up and uploaded as well, along with the story that goes with it. Huzzah! *Runs off to GettingThingsDoneLand*


  1. *Heavily considers joining*
    It's so hard when you really want to join, yet have no time T___T.
    Darrrn you Rexy cx

  2. LOL That was me too xD I had a major magazine article due yesterday, a comp pic due today and I HAD to do something for the one year birthday of one of m favorite legacies... Busybusybusy ;)

  3. Grrrrrrr I might give it a try. I've never done heavy face editing -- it would be fun practice tho >.<

    Gotta agree with Azara on the 'darrrn you Rexy' thang...xD


    I've been lurking here longer than you think ;)

  5. :D I'm on Spring Break too! Awesome!!! *Spring Break five* I'm doing the same thing you're doing with the whole "SIM LIKE CRAYZAY" thing. xD lol