Monday, March 28, 2011


Okayokayokay...riddle me this, guys...

Why is it that EVERY time a CC creator makes anything even close to resembling scene hair, it turns out looking like a whole bunch of hedgehogs that got into an epic battle and all died in a big pile on top of some poor simmie's head???

Case and point, this little number from TSR:

I figured I'd give it a shot when I saw it, even though I was skeptical of its quality from what I could see in the pictures. I should've stuck with my first instinct. The texture and shape are utter crap, not to mention the hair moves with the head and cuts like a razor right through its unfortunate wearer's body. This one, though, is old news and has been around for quite a while, and I've seen it used in countless avatars on the TS3 website. I'm desperate for scene hair in-game, don't get me wrong, but not enough to actually use this monstrosity.

Oh, but wait! What's this? New scene hair??? Could us scene-loving simmers finally have something to work with?

...Apparently not.

I mean, honestly? I don't think I've ever, EVER seen someone walking around with a makeshift picket fence on the top of their head. I mean, seriously, you could divide entire COUNTRIES with that horror. This one just...totally misses the mark for me. I wouldn't even consider the bottom part "scene hair", the bangs and whatnot are much too wavy and it's more elegant than edgy. And the spikey bits??? I'm a loss for words. They're wimpy, tiny little buds growing out from the simmie's skull, and completely unrealistic-looking.

In fact, there's only one person this hair makes me think of:

Do these creators even take the time to study real-life scene hair? I get the feeling they don't.

At the very least, we can enjoy decent scene hair in PhotoshopLand. I'm currently fighting this Crap-Scene-Hair injustice by turning fellow players' simmies into stunning scenie queenies in my Let Me ⚡Scenify⚡ Your Sims!!! Thread. Here's one I just did for the lovely NinjaKay:

Sure, it's nice to look at in a picture, but I want something like this for in-game, too. I've decided I'm destined to marry the first CC creator who actually pulls off the "scene hair" thing. Don't care who it is. MARRYING.


  1. ...I thought exploded hedgehogs was what scene hair was supposed to look
    Or as my husband likes to call them....the mullet for girls hehe.

    You should learn to mesh Rexy! Perhaps you could be the scene kids savior :D

  2. No PK, it's meant to look like exploded squirrels! :P

    And Rexeh, why don't you try your hand at making some CC?

    I'm sure they'd be great! :D

  3. I'll agree.. All "scene hair" out there is just downright scary D:

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  5. If I knew anything about hair meshing/retexturing, I'd make some scene hair. It would probably be crap though XD