Monday, April 4, 2011

It Even Has My Name On It, You Cretin!

Just the other day, I was checking the couple of new comments I had on my TS3 page. This was one of them:

I'd first like to throw out a BIG thank you to CUTEPEACH for watching my dino back, that was super sweet of her. When I first read it, I assumed that she meant this mikeopp person was actually using my avi as theirs, so I clicked the page. What did I see?

My avi's face, plastered not just once, but MULTIPLE times all over this simmer's background. I scrolled right down to the bottom of the page and hit the report button, submitting a plagiarism form. That was a couple days ago, and unfortunately, my poor dino faces are still sitting captive in the tiled prison of mikeopp's page.

I just can't quite put together why this simmer thought they could get away with this uncaught. I mean, the picture even has my name on it (in a quite extravagant fashion, I might add)!

If you simmies could possibly do me a small favor, I would be eternally grateful. Either:

1. Head over to mikeopp's page and add her as a friend, then leave her a comment telling her to remove the picture. I would do it myself, but I'm sure she would reject my friend request because she'd know what she did wrong.


2. Head over to mikeopp's page and report it. Maybe if multiple people do so, something will actually be done.

It really bothers me when people use my art without asking, and this definitely isn't the first time I've had to deal with it. Plagiarism is a very serious thing and a lot of people just don't get that.


  1. Nom nom nom! I'm going to eat this person up! D: Added as friend ;)

  2. Wow, that's pretty lame. O_o But hilarious that she left your name all over the place, lol. Reporting her now 'cause plagiarism makes me angers.

  3. Reported. That's... kinda creepers, actually. mikeopp loves you so much that they set your FACE as their background? Maybe they're stalking you o_o Maybe they're watching you right NOW!!! O_O

  4. Well thats just disturbing on a few different levels O,O

    I'll report the page.. why people do crap this is way beyond my comprehension :o

  5. That is rather.....stalkerish, I would be scared Rexy, very scared.

    Reported for creepy creeper plagiarism hehe

  6. That's creepish ._.

    Reported for plagiarism

  7. Thank you all so so much for your support! I just checked mikeopp's page and my face as been removed. There's also a comment in her box, posted by herself, that says what I think is "It was unintentional," translated from German (or some similar language).

    Love you guys!!! *huggles*

  8. LOL. Now it's a picture of some woman with her boobs hanging out. xD

    Still, at least they removed it.

  9. Bahahahahaha, it totally is!!! How...interesting.

  10. Wel i think it should stay like that thats what a dinosaur deserves coz ur a 19 year old baby so dont bother i would leave it there so yeah stop with the rexy will you! can you call it eg.Anne's layer not Rexy coz yeah and I promis ill reupload ur sims but make em better and plaster your avatar ALL over my backround

  11. Wow! I hoped I helped! Honestly, it's such an honour being ' featured ' on your blog! LoL . Maybe this is why I've got so many friend requests recently!

  12. OMG! That's messed up! I get on sims 3 online so I will make sure to report her!