Saturday, April 9, 2011

WINNERS ANNOUNCED For 'Shop Me Stunning!!!

Well ladies and gents, it was an intense and bustling two weeks with entries pouring in from left and right, and now that the dust has finally settled, two simmers have come out on top...

Congrats to simsolated and Chouxie, the very first winners of 'Shop Me Stunning!

Here's simsolated's delightfully dark non-hair edit that took the winning spot! Much thanks to my co-host, Jillie, for picking it. simsolated decided to take advantage of a free edit round, and went in a completely different direction than the other competitors. I recall when this was posted, and I was completely blown away by the drastic difference and detail! Nice job, simsolated. *claps*

And here's Chouxie's winning pic for the hair editing category, in all its liquified glory! She transformed the face, but did it well enough that it's hard to tell! This edit is great through all its subtle details including the drop shadow and beauty mark. Truly wonderful work Chouxie, you've got some talent!! *runs around*

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