Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Brief Absence

Whoo, hey guys!

You may or may not have noticed my short span of absence for the past couple weeks, and that is because Mr. EvilCollegeMonster decided to attack me with his roundhouse kick of finals and sucker punch of papers! It was a very grueling end of the semester, and I came out sleep deprived, loopy, and zombie-like, but alive! And now...


Which means great strides in the field of Simbonics (that's the study of sims...apparently). Expect great things, mah simmehbeansssss....

Oh! Also, the results for 'Shop Me Stunning Set 2 will be up as soon as possible. If you haven't tried your hand at competing yet, give it a whirl! It's been such a blast to watch the entries pour in, and I'd love to get some more!

Love you guys, rawwwrrss.

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