Monday, May 9, 2011

'Shop Me Stunning Set 2 WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

SAfter a slight delay due to finals, 'Shop Me Stunning Set 2's winners have been chosen!!!

Congrats to Kaliko103 and Island6, you both did such wonderful work and totally deserve first place!

Here's the evolution from raw screenshot to Kaliko's insanely colorful edit! I adored how much effort she put into this, it looks like it was a ton of work to change the hair like that! Not to mention the shirt as well. Kaliko really went above and beyond the requirement when I asked for color, and it definitely paid off.

And here we have Island6's lovely edit. She paid so much attention to detail and even went so far as to completely change the shirt that Imbri was wearing. This entry just screams "spring" to me, and I loved the additon of the bouquet of flowers and the basket. Island's creativity is what won her this round.

Also, a new feature has been added to the 'Shop Me Stunning competition! Rather than having just one overall winner for each category, there will now be a winner, a second placer, and a third placer for each category. Here's the other editors that placed!

Non-hair Editing:
2nd Place - ilovesims56
3rd Place - ashpie88

Hair Editing
2nd Place - StevieFischer
3rd Place - penskii

Congrats to the six of you. Hopefully we see you return to compete again!

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