Friday, May 27, 2011

Caught in the Web of Competition Once Again

After TOXIC Cycle 2 ended abruptly, I became waaayyyy to busy with papers and finals to bother with entering another modeling competition. However, I just recently happened upon Evie's Inspiration comp, and I knew I had to participate. The whole basis of Inspiration is that we're supposed to be inspired by a photo, video, or song each week and make a picture out of it. It's such an open concept, and I love having very little restriction when it comes to assignments.

So this is my entry for the first assignment, hence the title of this post:

(Click for full size)

Inspired by this image:

I'm quite happy with the way it turned out! I've been working with a lot of new coloring and shading techniques that I'm planning on creating tutorials for in my Guide To Editing. Just to give you simmies an idea of the difference my new techniques make in a photo, here's the original screenshot of Lotus next to the finished product:

(Click for full size)

The clothing items I used from in-game ended up not being recolorable from that sort of goldish hue, so I had to go in and make everything powdery blue and white in order to satisfy my "vision". Also note the shading done around the edges of the clothing and belt, and underneath Lotus's braid. I'm super happy with the effect all that subtle shading gave, and I think I'm going to stick with it!

Since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I feel like I'm ready to take on another competition. However, I'm having a bit of a problem finding open ones that really pique my interest. I want to join another comp that's as awesome as Evie's! Do you simmers have ideas for what other comps I should join? I'd love your help. :)


  1. I'm pretty much speechless! Incredible!

  2. The only other one that really comes to mind along the same lines of Inspiration is Canvas, but that's already past sign ups.

    Hope that the two comps turn a bit of a trend and we start seeing a few more ''Sim art'' based competitions instead of the usual high fashion ones.

  3. That picture is... AMAZING. I wish I was as talented as you!

  4. Hmm, competions I hate advertising my own on people's blogs but you sorta asked if we knew any comps xD
    I am opening cycle 3 of weird or wonderful, the cycle theme is called dreamz, you will basically be given a few senarios and you will pick one, (they are bassically an event that has happened in your sims life), and because dreams are created of things we see,hear and do, you will then create a picture of that senerio, it doesn't have to make sence as dreams don't but it has to be related in someway. For example the grandmother died, the picture could be : your model dressed up as their grandmoth, in form of a ghost or maybe in heaven or something? Understand?
    The idea, is to give the contestants as much freedom as possible, and also to let them get creative.

    ~ Pixie30 (wouldn't let me sign in so I'm under Anonymous)

  5. You could enter the dancing dead competition? It's pretty new but it looks pretty awesome =]

  6. I've been eager to host a sim art type competition, but I never really got around to it.