Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Internet, You're So Silly.

You know, if you browse the endless depths of the TS3 website for long enough, you're bound to find something interesting or out of the ordinary. For example, just the other day...I happened upon THE ELEPHANT MAN.

Quite literally.

I know it's rude to stare, but...LOOK AT HIS NOSE. Like, just look at it!! He looks super pissed too. Probably 'cause he just realized he's an elephant and not a human being.

I'm curious to know now, what strange and bizarre things have you discovered on the TS3 site? I wanna see if anyone can top teh Man o' Elephants.

So I was checkity checking the stats on my blog recently, and I think you guys will probably know this already, but you can look up what search terms were used to find your blog over the past week, month, or whatever. This is what it said on mine:

Bahahahaha! How random is that?? It's somehow oddly satisfying for me to know that some incredibly bored soul in search of simple, immature, classless humor managed to stumble upon my blog instead. Huzzah!

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