Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Faint Sound of Wedding Bells

Is it weird to quote yourself?

Cause Imma quote myself. *Ahem*

"I've decided I'm destined to marry the first CC creator who actually pulls off the "scene hair" thing. Don't care who it is. MARRYING."

I may have found mah soulmate, dearies! Lo and behold, NewSea has created a fairly nice scene hair, and pretty much out of nowhere! Perhaps...they are among meh blog readers...? :O Who knows. Anyways, I'd like to throw out a big THANK YOU to the several simmers who brought this hair to my attention! There were quite a few of you: Kitty, Peach, Pixie, Jewels, and purplelover. You guys are too sweet for thinking of me when you saw it, I may not have found out about it for a while otherwise!

I'm overjoyed to see one of the best CC hair creators giving scene hair a whirl! It's so so cute, I'm especially fond of the strands of varying shades. I haven't downloaded this and tried it out yet, but I'm simply itching to! (Unfortunately my short dino arms make it hard to scratch teh itch.)

However, I say the sound of wedding bells are "faint" because this isn't quite my ideal scene hair. This is leaning a bit more towards an 80s sort of hairstyle, and I'm looking for a more...I don't know, "sophisticated" kind of scene? Closer to the hair in my banner, I think. I'm not a huge fan of the super spiked out top bits, and I like it a bit fuller overall.

I'm not going to complain too much though, this hair is still beautiful, and the best scene hair on the CC market to date!! Have any of you tried this out yet? I'd be interested to see what it looks like in game, post links to any screenshots if you have them!

*Does the scene hair dance*

...I'll leave it up to your imaginations as to what that looks like.


  1. It does have more of a mullet look to it than a true scene hair style, but nevertheless it's actually pretty funky.
    I'm waiting for a lotus or Shyne re-texture (haven't checked to see if one has been done yet) But I'm definitely adding this to my game

  2. I suppose that it isn't quite scene enough, but I think it's a start. I did do a request to newsea for scene hair so maybe there will be more to come.

  3. would it be OK for me to have an affair with Newsea, though? to be the woman on the side? D:

    and you are more than welcome! C:

  4. Is it up on PMBD? I don't want to pay cuz I'm a cheapskate XD

  5. I'm fairly certain that if you download this Sim you'll get it:

  6. It does look like a mullet. But if a high-quality hair mesher like Newsea is going to at least attempt scene hair, then I'm happy ^-^

  7. Pistolkitten, Shyne already did a retexture of this hair over at Cstyles!

  8. @PK: It definitely is "funky"! But really not bad compared to the scene hairs that have been made so far. And as Anon said, there's a Shyne retexture!

    @Peach: You did a request?? That's awesome! :D

    @Kitty: Well aren't you just one vastly helpful wommin! You can most def be Newsea's mistress! I'll pretend I don't notice, hehe :P The hair looks pretty nice in-game, I'm excited to try! And thanks heaps for the link to that simmie. ;)

    @Jewels: I checked, and I didn't see it. Luckily though, there's retextures and alternate ways to get the original.

    @Choux: My thoughts exactly! It's actually growing on me, we'll see what happens as soon as I get it in game. :)

    @Anon: Thanks for letting us know!! :D

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  10. As soon as I saw that hair I thought of you!