Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Couple Things

ONE: This makes me deliriously happy, and I have yet to figure out why.

TWO: You know how everyone has that really defined vision of summer? The sun's shining its warm smile down on content and tranquil sunbathers, lounging on luscious green grass that rolls across the hills. Beshorted (just made that word up right now, it means "wearing shorts") people play frisbee, and bike riders make their way by on the surrounding paths. Cars whiz past, windows gaping, sweet music pouring out of their windows.'s what my summer looks like.

Mhmm, it's nearing the end of May, and according to where I live, it's time for the "icy apocalypse." If I wanted it to look like it was January outside, I'd...go to January. I'll give nature this: It's very pretty. But Rexeh wants her sunbathing time! Rexeh wants to be outside without the risk of losing her buttocks to the cold! Unfortunately the sun is being smothered at the moment by snow. Perhaps it'll be sunny by, oh...57 years from now? Yep. Sooouuunnndss about right.

I must know: What's your summer looking like? Perhaps I can take advantage of the sunny weather you guys are having by living through YOU. O.O


  1. You could try, but I live in Britain, so the only things you'll experience through me would be alot of wind, and some rain. Always rain. :P

  2. here's something else I noticed that'll make you deliriously happy, too:



    Snow... looks nice, but means a lot more time indoors D: Dinos weren't meant to survive in cold weather ;)
    Some days it's naice and sunny, most it's dull and rainy here :( It's sunny today, but very windy ^_^

  4. Ok, LOVE Spongebob!!!

    What does our summer look like? Well I'll gladly trade you our 100+ degree summer days and 90 degree nights for a lil snow (my fave season in winter, tho here in Tx there isn't much actual 'winter' lol). We're in the worst drought in like 100 years (what does rain look like again...? its wet, right?) and its just really hot and sticky and humid all the time, even in winter and fall. If you want some sun, come get it!! We have more than enough for E V E R Y B O D Y. It's still spring but its been in the upper 80s and 90s everyday with temps at night in the 70s and 80s. This summer should be a pretty hot one -- last summer it got up past 110 degrees for over a week straight. Buuuuut some people like it lol. Not meeeeee >.<

    So come on down to Texas dude! You'd love it! lolol Fried human is a delicacy around here...

  5. Poor Cel, here we are getting crazy amount of rain- everyday we get more and more. I wish I could share some with you!

    @Rexy- it's finally getting warm here 70-80 degrees. Got the AC on and planning to stay inside :D Once it hits 80 I'm sick of summer and welcome the snow, lol

  6. Waves crashing along the shore, a lounge chair, and an ice cold beer: this is what summer looks like to me and I can't wait! Musn't forget the lobster BBQ's, car shows, and roasting marshmallows on the fire pit in the yard!

  7. Hi hi, just passing through with 1 question...
    On your sims 3 siggy, how did you do it so the text fades in? I've been trying to find out for ages, even making up codes of my own... :S (Which didn't work) Woah, really snowy, that happened where I am few months ago... ugh HATE snow!

  8. My summer is tornadoes and really hot and humid weather.

    Exciting, amiright? -_-

  9. I've been living in a stereotypical summer since April. It's hot, sunny, humid, children are playing, people are coming to our beaches. Our winter probably feels like your fall :/

  10. My summer's like Chouxie's, way too humid and lots of tornadoes, what with living in tornado alley and all that. =P It's been hitting the 80's every day but looking like rain a lot. I'm ready for the sun too!

  11. My summer is - well, it's not Summer yet, but it's getting close - cloudy. And rainy. Typical Northern Irish weather *eyeroll* Personally, I'd rather have snow than what we're getting here right now. But I'd prefer some sun to anything. And would you believe it? We were basking in glorious sunshine...all through exam week. Typical!

  12. Is this the sort of Scene hair your looking for:

  13. Novel tttiiiimmmeeee! >:O

    @ALL: The one thing that's kinda niase about Colorado is its bipolar weather. The snow doesn't stick around long, and it was sunny and 60 degrees today. Whooppee! Getting closer to my ideal summer. ;)

    @Apollo: Sounds pretty typical of Britain! I quite enjoy the rain, though :)

    @Kitty: Eeeee, thanks so much for telling me about that! I thanked you in mah new post.

    @melodic: I know, right? I can't stand how awesome that particular picture is. I laugh every time I see it, without fail. Hehe. The snow's definitely peaceful and pretty and all that junk, but you're right, my dino self's all cooped up inside when I wants to be out and about, nomming! Is it windy and rainy periodically throughout the summer, or does it start to let up after a while?

    @Cel: SpongeBOBBLE!!! (Almost typed "booble," whoops)
    I've actually heard a fair amount about the weather in Texas lately, my older brother literally just moved out there! He says the humidity and heat is quite a big change from here! It's honestly like NEVER humid here, which actually does wonders for mah hair. Hahaha. I've always wanted to go somewhere super super hot and fill a kiddie pool with ice water and just plunge in there. Have you ever done that??

    @Andie: Haha, 80s is a bit much, I would say! You have such interesting weather, do you mind if I ask where you live?

    @Sun: Ahhhhh, I'm so jealous of you, woman! If you happen to see a strange dino woman lurking around your yard, that's me. Don't be alarmed, I'm just coming to join in the festivities! It's been forEVAR since I've been to the beach. Years. Landlockedness sucks sometimes. Pleh. :(

    @Peach: Hai darling! It's actually an animated GIF that I made with Photoshop, and it's pretty easy to do! I think I'll post a tut in Rexy's Guide about how to do it. If you don't have Photoshop, I believe, but am not positive, that GIMP has the ability to make animated GIFS. I'll look into it. BTDubs, thanks for giving me the link to that scene hair! I thanked you in my new post. ;)

    @Choux: Oh my, tornadoes? Scary! I hope none get too close. Have you ever had to evacuate or anything?

    @Mystic: Unfortunately, your winter probably looks a bit more like our spring, at least up at my house in the mountains. We're at something close to 9,000 feet above sea level, so it means lots of snow, like 9 months out of the year snow. It gets pretty annoying sometimes. However, when I'm at school, it's at a fairly lower elevation and we get probably the closest thing to the traditional four seasons. Do you get annoyed from all the tourists? I imagine you would. I get annoyed by them even just in our small mountain town.

    @Summer: That's just sooo scary! We had one tornado at the front of our neighborhood once. It was small, and just took down a bunch of trees, but I can't imagine having to deal with that all the time! So same question, have you had to evacuate?

    @Jewels: I had no idea you were from Ireland! That's so bomb. :D That's so rough to have to be testing when the weather's really nice! That happened to me during finals week when I was at school. It's so hard to be stuck indoors studying while it's so nice out! But you're probably close to being done, so you'll get to enjoy it. ;)

    Whoo! *Fingers fall off*

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