Monday, May 16, 2011

If My Money Were a Lollipop, EA Would Be Sucking On It.

Do you remember back in February-ish when EA was hardcore hyping up a new Sims 3 Store item on their Facebook page? I believe it went a little something like this:

I saw this bad boy, and I have to say, I definitely wouldn't have minded having it in my game. It looked pretty unique and different, and I thought I'd be able to find something neat-tastic to do with it eventually. However, I got busy with other dino-like businesses and it kinda dropped off the edge of my brain for a while.

More recently, I've had a lot of secret underneath-type things in the works in my Sims game, and one such thing was in almost dire need of this awesometastic hot tub. I still had a few simpoints to my name, so I hopped on The Sims 3 Store and began my search for it. I looked through all the categories of single items, but I couldn't find the tubbeh anywhere! Finally though, I happened across the Futureshock Living Set...and there it was!


EA expects me to drop 16-something dollars into a set I have no interest in, just to get the ONE hot tub that I want! It doesn't even go with the rest of the stuff in that set! It kinda sickens me, honestly, when I think about how much they showcased this item before they released it, and then they're all "Give me a bajillion monies and I'll give you what you want, plus a bunch of crap you won't use! It works out for everyone because I don't understand the concept of fairness! Yaaayyy!!"

-.- ...And what's worse? Everything else in that set is offered separately. Except Mr. BubblyAwesomePants. Sooo gross and unfair.

I came across something else rather intriguing on my trek through the store:

Did they really think people would log onto the store and buy 160 bucks worth of simpoints? That's sooo much money! I could buy you the base game and a couple EPs with that if I wanted to. That just goes to show how much they're expecting the store stuff to suck up our money.

So really EA, thanks. Thanks a bunch for being money-sucking leeches, because I'm sure you don't make NEARLY enough money already.


  1. Think that's one of the sets I got from errrrr another source *wink wink*. That hot tub is pretty awesume too

  2. I'm curious as to how many people actually buy those large bundles. I'm sure SOMEONE has, but I would love to see their data as to the number of people who buy each bundle, or on average what is the number/amount of simpoints that are purchased from the site (or stores or anywhere else).

    And ikr PK lol

  3. I've got that hot tub and the rest of the items in the set. The hot tub is EMMENCE, so Rexy, I'll try and find where I got the set from. ~~~~ ♥

  4. O_O Who can afford that?! Not sure what $160 is coverted into sterling, but probably a lot O_o
    I also find it ridiculous that for spending $80 on sps, you get *gasp* a top! Same goes for the $40 dollors to get... a desk and 4000 sps.
    Kinda pathetic the amount they're making people pay for extra pixels.

  5. @PK: LE GASP!!! I thought we couldn't do that anymore! I had gotten store sets from *ahem* alternate sources, but as soon as they introduced that in-game store, it all disappeared! Would you maybe possibly be so kind as to send me an email about a certain something?? Wink wink wink? Hehehe :)

    @Cel: That's an interesting thought! I bet it's like, one spoiled rich kid. Hahaha. What is this "alternate source"?? Rexeh is in need of emails pllzzzz. :D

    @Peach: Awh, you're too sweet! You guys are helping me with my ignorance. Hahahahahaha xD

    @melodic: That's the other thing that bugged me. Their rewards for buying such huge bundles are pretty crappy. If you think about it, what they're selling isn't something that doesn't need to be constantly manufactured, it's a digital thing that's created once and then sold over and over. I think they can afford to give away a little bit more of it for free, you know?

  6. That $80 SimPoint top was available for FREE on the online Store . . . what greedy little piggies.

    I also hate that the Store has LOTS for purchase. I mean . . . really? That makes pay artists look reasonable.

    I hate EA -_-

  7. $160 Holly cow! This is just one reason I will never own everything in the store. EA can suck on my lolli too....

  8. Yar, totally agree with you ^_^ The rare occasion they give things out for free, I worry O_O EA, giving out free things?? Can't be true! My mum wouldn't actually purposely buy me sps because she thinks it's sad that you have to pay for virtual things after spending heaps on the actual game XD I've only got sps with the base game, WA, and a gift for xmas from my aunty :P So I kinda rely on the freebies lol x]
    This is why so many people prefer cc - you can get a lot of it for free and it looks nicer :3

  9. @Choux: They really are greedy piggies! And you're right, everyone gets so upset at the idea of independent CC creators charging people, when EA's doing it in a way that's much much worse and they probably got the idea from those CC creators! They just seem so...stone-hearted and void of any moral thought.

    @octojenn: Bahahahahaha, I laughed so hard at your post! Way to stick it to the man. >:D

    @melodic: I'm the same way, just living off what simpoints I can scrounge from free sources! I just think it sucks that they stopped giving out free simpoints when you buy an EP. I mean, it was 1,000, which is nothing when you compare it to the prices of everything in the store, and once again, it's a VIRTUAL PRODUCT. They don't spend money to manufacture it, so why are they worried if some people get a couple things for free? Jeeeerrrkkkks much?