Friday, July 29, 2011

Bands, Bikinis, and Berries

Well hi, lovely simmies! This post is going to be geared towards the happenings of my life outside of sims (le gasp!) because I have a lot of exciting-type things to share with you!!

I'm going to a concert tonight, which I haven't done in a dino's age and a half! Not only that, I've been waiting for this particular concert for months now, and I'm going with my GBF!!! Ladies and gents...I give you Be Brave, an incredible local band from Denver, Colorado. Go ahead, click it. You won't be sorry! Let your ears be filled with musical goodness.

Not to mention...they're basically yum all around. ;)

Some of you may remember my edited screenshot of Jillie's model Elda from 'SMS, where I drew on a gorgeous seafoam colored bikini with pretty gold stars:

Guess what?? Elda and I match because...I FINALLY got mine in the mail from Victoria's Secret!! Here it is on me, with a sweetastic partially black and white effect. I've always wanted to try this sort of thing out on a photo, and since I wanted to highlight the bikini this was the perfect opportunity. Maybe I'll start using it on simmie pictures, if the opportunity arises...?

Last but of course not least...I give you the tiniest strawberry I have ever seen:

This isn't a picture from the internet or anything, we took it here at my house. You see, in Colorado, we do have wild strawberry plants, but we don't necessarily have the appropriate weather conditions for them grow properly. However, this one we found was perfectly ripe...and about the width of a pencil eraser. Cah-razy, right? We had a little natural phenomenon right here in our yard! Didn't taste half bad either. ;)


  1. those are awesome berries! xD

    and wow. nice bod. xDxDxDxD and that bikini looks a lot better on you than me. it's really irritating.


  2. Same, my whole front lawn is infested with wild strawberries! They're all around that size (bigger of course ;) ) but none of them have been much bigger than a small gumball at largest (and that's an exaggeration), but they're ripe! Perfect food for teh bunnies :3

  3. That is an adorable strawberry!

    That song was AWESOME! It makes me happy that you listen to the same kind of music that I do :D

  4. You've got a banging body gurl...

  5. lmao small strawberrys rule!!! and omg love the bikini pic hot (not talking about the sims one )

  6. "You've got a banging body gurl..."

    Bahahaha xDD

    You have a nice bod ;D I'm jelly, gurl.

    And tiny wild strawberries FTW :3

  7. That band is such like an AMerican 'The Wanted'. They look so alike. Cool bikini, love the belly chain.