Monday, September 5, 2011

I've Been A Bad Dino.

My sweet darling simmers!!!

Oh goodness, I deserve at least three different levels of punishment for not updating my blog/not being around the sims community pretty much at ALL lately.

Things are FINALLY starting to wind down for me, I think. I'm about to start my third week of classes, and I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on everything at this point. Which means, hopefully, I'll be more present than I have been as of late.

Anyways, a couple of sim-related things to get out of the way:

1. I'm well aware that 'SMS is at a complete standstill at the moment, and that's totally my fault. I'll look into doing something about that, but unfortunately as of right now, I'm still Photoshopless, which means no pretty graphics for the results (which is just TOTALLY not my style). I greatly apologize to those of you who entered, I'm not being a very good host. :(

2. I know a lot of people have been talking about the S&M Forum dying out slowly, and I don't think they're wrong. I don't know what, but something definitely needs to happen to fix this. Yes, independent forums for modeling are great, but the community size will never EVER be as big as the one on the TS3 website. I'm sure you guys are like me and you want your competitions/tutorials/advice/compliments to reach out to the widest range of people. My suggestion? Be on that forum as much as you possibly can...comment on things you normally wouldn't comment keep our community alive!!

Aaaannnddd now a couple non-simmie updates (I'm growing fond of these, hope you guys are alright with them!!)

1. That concert I talked about in my last post?? AMAZING. Not only were all the bands just awesome...the bassist from the first band noticed me in the crowd and asked me for my phone number after the show. Of COURSE I gave it to him, and we've hung out a couple times since. We have a lot in common and he's SUPER super adorable. He has dark hair and blue eyes, just like your Rexeh. ;)

2. Guess what??? I put more holes in myself, yayyy!!! I got a spiral put into my cartilage just about a week ago, and I adore it. Hurt like a beeeeeccchhhh though. Here's a picture of it from pretty much right after I got it (which is why my ear is redder than a smacked bottom).

And now I just HAVE to know...what's new with all of you attractive individuals?? Starting school? Awesometastic adventures?? Do tell. :)


  1. I'm leaving for my 2nd week of HS here. It's so. fucking. easy. like, this isn't even funny -.-


    Oh, and guess who's getting electric blue streaks in his hair? ;D

  2. Ahhh third week of middle school. Fun. :P I have to play at an open house tonight, which I am really looking forward too :P

    I agree with Jakems about the spiral ^^ :)

    Thats about it :( No cool streaks or anything :P

  3. My life is kinda dull right now.

    That is so cool that you wound up hanging out with that guy :D

    I looove that piercing <3

  4. Glad you're back rexy :) glad all is well for you ;) I have started school, bleh. trying to keep the grades as high as possible. lol

    The spiral is awesome btw

    ~ Silver

  5. ahh school started to day : | and rely like the spiral its awsome

  6. I'm about to FINISH school. Forever. In a few weeks. Oh, god.

    Your piercing is amazing. Do you have a high pain tolerence? I think that I cried when I got my ears done, haha.

    Good luck with your bassist ;)

  7. Hey rexeh :) You probably don't know me... Oh well. >.< ANYWHO, I was just saying that looks AWESOME. BUT there is no chance that I could ever get it. I didn't even get my ears plain pierced until I was 11 >.< Well I have gotten photoshop and I am looking forward for Shop Me Stunning to be back up again so I can do my VERY FIRST PHOTOSHOP ENTRY ^-^ if you have time you really should check out Twilight's new modeling competition "The Agency" :)

  8. Oh Rexy, those piercings are so cool(: I really want to get my belly button and the top of my ears pierced. (The top of my ears, well, im sure you know what I mean)(: but the people keep telling me im not old enough.. Ah well(: I kinda want to get photoshop, but until then, I found a pretty cool site, that helps you edit things, and thats how I realized editing can be really fun. (:(:(:

  9. @Jake: Haha, I'm glad you're having such an easy time with high school. And thank you! It actually hurts quite a bit less now, which is surprising because it's only been about a month since I got it. You are??? That's sweet! Rexeh approves for obvious reasons hahaha.

    @crgee: Aww you can make it through! Once you get into the rhythm of school, you stop minding it as much. I won't go far enough to say that anyone actually ENJOYS it, but it becomes less and less like torture as time goes on. Hope your performance went well!! :)

    @Mystic: You're so sweet love :) And I just have to say, I've been keeping an eye on your pictures, and they've been blowing me out of the water lately. I absolutely LOVED your ghostly tea party one.

    @Puggy: Like I said to crgee, you'll get into the swing of it and it'll be effortless! Also, thank youuuu :)

    @Harlee: Oh my goodness, I'm SO happy for you! How are you feeling about it? Excited? Nervous? Dreading that one thing...what's it called...the real world? And I guess...yeah, I would say I have a pretty high pain tolerance. It's kinda bad actually, I think I'm honestly addicted to getting things pierced. Just a bit after I got this one, I was already thinking ahead to which one I'm getting next, haha.

    @Reiya: Haha, who knows? Maybe a little farther on down the road you'll decide to give a new piercing a go. ;) SO awesome that you have Photoshop're way ahead of me hahaha! I still feel so bad for basically abandoning SMS, but free time is a rare thing for me these days. It's not dead for good, I can promise you that much ;) And thanks! Off to check it out momentarily. :)

    @Khaos: Thanks so much! I definitely know what you mean, just a cartilage piercing, right? And I actually have my belly button done, it's really awesome because once you can change the jewelry, you have a LOT of really cute options. Glad you found a Photoshop alternative! If you ever want an actual program, you should check out GIMP. It's good stuff!

  10. @Rexy I think you could probably get one of the other simmerz to run it until you're back :) If you really want to, I can do a round or two just until you get settled back in :) But youu could probably get someone better at starting posts to do it... :P ANWYHO, I've started a simming blog too :D :D :) Have fun in... whatever math/science you're in >.<