Friday, December 30, 2011

Winners Revealed for 'SMS Set 7: Maria!!!

Set 7: Maria was the first open edit that 'Shop Me Stunning has had in quite some time (the last one was the very first Set). All of the entrants showed great amounts of creativity, but here are those who ended up at the front of the pack!

Congratulations LadyEmillye and Simanims, our first placers!!

The striking, standout appearance of LadyEmillye's entry is what helped to land her first place in the Non-Hair Editing category. Her photo sets up a whole story just in itself, without needing any extra description. She did a wonderful job altering Maria's original dress and editing in her horse. Every part of LE's photo comes together brilliantly.

Simanims, a multiple time winner of 'SMS, gave us a taste of her classic dark style with this lovely, almost industrial-looking photo. She utilized the idea of motion beautifully by making Maria's hair and dress windblown. She has the ability to drastically change the appearance of a screenshot, and in this case, it landed her first place in the Hair Editing category.

And here are our other Set 7 placers!

- Non-Hair Editing -

2nd Place (TIE): lmcarrotcake

2nd Place (TIE): ixSydney

3rd Place: TheMeeepMoop

Honorable Mentions:

- Hair Editing -

2nd Place: Kitteh1324

3rd Place: Hanechon

Honorable Mention:

Set 8: It's Chilly! Is now up on the 'SMS front page! It's been a while since I've contributed my own screenshots for a Set, so this time I used my very favorite model, Lotus Darkwind! Go give it a shot, you just might end up winning!

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